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Rebecca L. Stein, comtemplating

Upcoming Events

TBD: Anthropology Department, Haverford College

4/26/23 – AI-2023, Berlin

3/24/23:  John Cabot University, Rome

1/25/23:  Birzeit University, Palestine

1/23/23:  Kenyon Institute, Jerusalem

Recent Events

12/12/22:  LA Jews for Peace

12/8/22:  Anthropology Department, University of Toronto

11/3/22:  School of Advanced and International Studies, Hopkins

10/13/22: Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Bogazici University, Turkey

10/11/22: Department of Media and Visual Arts, Koc University, Turkey

4/13/22-  Department of Anthropology, Harvard University

3/10/22: The Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI), University of Westminster, UK

11/17/21: Wake Forest University

11/4/21:  Institute for Middle East Studies, George Washington University

10/28/21: Anthropology Department, Tufts University

9/28/12:  Communication and Media Studies, John Cabot University, Italy

5/27/11:  Anthropology Department, Northwestern University